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The Car Hammock was created with the frugal traveler in mind. It's perfect for

  • Car Camping
  • Music Festivals
  • Roadtripping
  • Any time you've had too much to drink
  • When your friend promises you his couch on a road trip but bails

Things that are more expensive than a Car Hammock

  • DUI
  • A decent hotel room
  • Chiropractor visit after sleeping in your front seat
  • Insurance deductible

At Car Hammock, we hope to reduce the number of automobile accidents/deaths by providing a product that will encourage exhausted or intoxicated drivers to rest comfortably in their vehicle so they don't endanger themselves or others by driving in an altered state.

Spending $100+ dollars on a hotel room to get the rest needed to recharge is not ideal for the frugal traveler. The Car Hammock provides the security and comfort of one's own vehicle without having to break the bank on a hotel room.

The Car Hammock is a viable solution for the traveler that enjoys an alcoholic beverage and is smart enough to not drink and drive. Our advice is to make sure you throw your keys in the back seat to assuage any legal concerns that you intended to drive.